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Your Healthy Topics and Steps to feeling better when dealing with other people's actions; Life Coach 101

Practice self compassion when you’re feeling bad, but don't over do it. 

​When you're feeling bad do to someone else's actions stop and take time out. It's time to think of youself.

You didn't do anything if you can help that's great but otherwise understand there's someone trying to make themself more important than you. 

Set Limits

​set a limit on how much time you are willing to give complainers, negative and toxic people. 

Practice compassion and empathy. 

​Show compassion toward the person who is frustrating you maybe they're going through difficulties, but understand that their problems cannot become your life problems.

Model the behavior you would want to see. 

​​Never act like the person you're mad at. Remember you're mad at them for their behavior don't become what you hate. Sometime you can use a person you look up to and say to yourself ''what would they do or how would they act''. 

Establish Boundaries. 

​Never let an abusive or a toxic person feel like there's no boundaries. This would cause chaos and complete loss of control. 

Don't focus on the problem focus on the solution. 

​​When you focus on problems you get overwhelmed. Focus on solutions and you have a chance on solving it. However its important to understand the balance of how much time you are willing to give a problematic person.

Cut them out. 

​​I know it sounds harsh and difficult but when people get to the point where its dangerous to your health as well as financially devastating to you do to their decisions, they gave you no choice. They have made you their life jacket and have no problem drowning you with what they want or need. 

Make sure you understand the balance of compassion versus your personal survival.