Do you want a Successful Reboot or to reinvent yourself or maybe it's your business your trying to elevate to a new improved standing. Either way if you're not happy with your accomplishments chances are you're not doing what you should be doing. The road to success is built around effort and determination and an order to change your ways you'll have to take some new steps. As a Las Vegas Life Coach I teach and instruct the five steps to success as it will help you reach successful accomplishments. 

​Life Coaching step one - New Rituals 

​Create new rituals. You need to have rituals that will reprogram what bad habits you've been doing this far. A good routine will fix bad behavior. For example; if you run two miles a day you'll think ten times before eating something that's fattening as you simply will not let all that effort you put in running just go down in flames. 

Rituals will help your business as well. For example; Some businesses make their employees greet customers as they come in the door. This makes customers feel welcomed and wanted in a very friendly environment. It would also be wise to have employees that work in the retail sector go to the stock room every morning to see what inventory they have on hand so they'll stop trying to sell something that you don't have in stock, causing you the loss of cash flow as well as sales. 

​Relationship rituals are just as important; Get in the habit of asking about your other half everyday, bring flowers at least once a week, do something exciting, show you care all the time, make a phone call from work and never hang up before saying I LOVE YOU. 

Life Coaching step two - Give it your all every time 

​Don't ever do something half way. For Example; If you're negotiating a business deal don't get undetermined and settle for something that is not exactly what you want. Negotiate relentlessly no matter how tiring it may be. 

So whether we're talking about relationship, a work out, dieting the results will always be better if you give it your all every time. It's easy to throw your hands in the air and say I did my best, but in most cases you really didn't try hard enough.

But the one thing I can tell you is once you get in a ritual of giving it your best every time it gets really easy to do what best for you and the people around you. 

Life Coaching step three - Deliver more than you promised 

This life coach step will take you far. If it's a business you're running your customers will love you and will recommend you to all their family and friends, as there's nothing a customer loves more than to feel important (Costco is a company that delivers more than they promise and we pay money just to be able to shop there, think about that ).

And if it's a relationship we're talking about, how many times have we herd some body's spouse say ''he or she said they'll do that, but I doubt it''. How far do you thing that relationship will go? Always deliver and do everything to deliver more than you promised and your word and public perception will have great value and positivity. 

Life Coaching step four - Demand more from yourself

If you don't demand more from yourself than don't expect things tomorrow to be better than today. It's as simple as that. Most of us want to improve our lives on a day to day basis and one of the best ways to make sure that happens is to demand more from ourselves. In most cases this step is very contagious as you'll notice that people around you will start doing the same thing once they notice how much success you've been having. 

Life Coaching step five - Believe your the best in whatever you're doing

​We're not all going to win a gold medal in the Olympics but have you ever heard of a gold medalist that didn't believe in themselves. If I put myself in a mental belief that no matter what I try to do I'll get it done I've already gave myself a 90% chance to succeed I just need to go get the other 10% and that should be easy because I believe in myself. 

I personally believe that the reason I've had eight successful businesses was do to the fact that I believe in myself and will do everything possible to have success in whatever I am willing to put effort into.

As a life coach in Las Vegas I tell people if you want a better life Raise Your Standards. Standards consist of better Rituals, giving it your all everytime, delivering more than you promised,

demand more from yourself and believe in yourself. So as a local Las Vegas life coach please take the time to read all my life coach technique

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