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The life coach that will help you take control of your life & reinvent yourself 

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Business Marketing 

As a Las Vegas life Coach business marketing is one of the things I've helped with the most. If you need help with your existing business or your new business adventure lets talk success.

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The life coach that will help you take control of your life & reinvent yourself 

Successful Reboot

Don't wait and take action with your new customized personal life coaching program designed just for you or your business.

 Psychiatrists can use prescription medications, While Life Coaches can't 

 What is a Life Coach; 

a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges

Psychiatrist have to complete an M.D. or D.O. degree from an accredited school, and Life Coaches in Las Vegas do not

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Las Vegas Life Coach

Five Steps To Control 

Learn how to take care of yourself and make good decisions at the most important time.

The pros and cons of Life

Coaches and Psychiatrists

Exceptional Las Vegas Life Coaching 

A Life Coach should have good success in their own life while Psychiatrists do not need to show any personal success to their client.

Meet Zack G. A Las Vegas Life Coach

​Zack is a Las Vegas Life Coach that has personal experience in the success of life. From business success to personal life success. As a life Coach I will help you learn all that I have used to succeed in my personal family life to building many businesses, or just how to make the right decisionns and be mentally strong. As your Las Vegas Life Coach I will help you program yourself to strength with personal conviction

lifecoach helping with special lifecoaching 

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How do you check up on a Therapists or Life Coaches background? 

There are many ways to check up on someones background, and here are some options.

And keep in mind you should definitely do it especially if its a person like a life coach or a thrapist that would be in a position of trust. 

You can always start with the BBB to see if there are any complaints.  The BBB  Link

​If it's a therapist your checking on here's the Board of Medical Examiners link see if there listed.  Link http://medboard.nv.gov/

You can also get a background check from the Nevada Department of Public Safety (General Services Division). http://gsd.nv.gov/ 

As a life coach in Las Vegas with a very clean background I would love for all my clients to feel good about using my services as any life coach should. So don't ever feel like you're doing something wrong after all taking initiative is part of taking control of your life. 

  Thank You 

  by Zack G.

Sky's the limit 

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Sky's the limit 

What’s The Difference Between Coaching and Counseling? 

                        Life Coaching vs Psychological Therapy

Despite being similar in nature, that of helping, clinical psychology and life coaching are two different streams. It is safe to assume that all clients that choose life coaching desire change in themselves, situation and success. This is probably not true for most clinical psychology patients as they constantly struggle with their issues. Life coaching attracts people who need change in their life. Another important factor that sets apart life coaching from clinical psychology is the rate of change in the client or patient. While clinical psychology relies on medications as well as time to bring about developments and personality changes, life coaching relies on changes by good results.

A big difference between people who use life coaching and those who use clinical psychiatry is the state of mind. Comparing the two, psychology is where troubled people approach psychologists, whereas life coaches mainly deal with healthy and ambitious individuals who are looking for ways to better their lives through organization, de-cluttering and prioritizing. Life coaches deal with people who are generally not severely fragile but need a new strong focus.

One of the most obvious differences between life coaching and clinical psychology is structure. While clinical psychology is regulated, organized and structured, life coaching is a flexible and evolving profession. In clinical psychology, each disorder consists of certain symptoms, diagnoses, treatment methods and medication. On the other hand, life coaching helps you deal with challenges without relying on rules and regulations or medication.

Life coaching has one major benefit over clinical psychology, that of convenience. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can receive excellent life coaching to transform your life. However, this method is very risky when it comes to clinical psychology. Life coaching also boasts an excellent clientele that includes people from all walks of life, age, gender, race and location. Clinical psychology on the other hand, is limited to diagnosable persons with specified mental, emotional or psychological disorders. Although you may not have any serious psychological issues, you can always benefit from the advice of a life coach

Your Healthy Topics

As your Life Coach I will teach you how to deal with toxic people, bad circumstances or even bad employees