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five steps to take

five steps to take

Zack's Las Vegas Life Coach techniques

Don't overwhelm yourself 

When you overwhelm yourself you're simply not effective, focus on what truly has to be done and get it done. 

​Stop pondering endlessly and strategize on the bigger picture, in some cases you need an outsiders view for this step to be more effective. 

​​Create a real plan for what you're trying to achieve 

​​In a real plan you can't just say "I want to be successful" or "I want a better marriage". Take your time and plan it out. If it's a better relationship you want then sit down and tell yourself what you're going to do .For Example; I'll bring my spouse flowers twice a week and take her on a random date at least once a week. Or if it's a business plan you're putting together, plan out what's going to drive customers to your business. Where am I going to advertise and how much money am I willing to spend on advertising?  Your plan is your goal and if your plan isn't put together right, then don't expect the results to show otherwise. 

Put your actions in order of importance

​Some people want financial security but they don't act like it so what should they expect other than failure. For Example; If your plan is to get your house paid off than maybe you shouldn't buy a car that has a five hundred dollar monthly payment.

Another Example; If your wife isn't happy with your marriage because your not spending enough time with the family, maybe you should spend less time with your friends and more time with the family. Most people don't put the proper things in order of importance and the results will always show that. These are just a few things but there's many ways to put your actions in order of importance to make your life or business in a much better position.

Establish real time to achieve your goals 

​In most cases people will give up on their goals before they even gave it a shot. As a life coach I hear it all the time ''I did everything my wife wanted but she just wasn't happy no matter what I did'' or ''my business just wasn't coming off the ground''. In both cases people just didn't try enough. If your wife isn't happy than maybe you programed her to be disappointed so long that it will take a while before you'll be able to reprogram her emotions that are there do to your old habits. And if it's a business you're trying to get off the ground than understand that it takes most businesses two years to breakeven and then you might have been around long enough to be heard of and start getting repeat or referred business. In most cases time is on your side as long as you're willing to put up the effort. 

​Figure out how to get leverage 

First we need to understand the definition of leverage; influence or power used to achieve a desired result. 

It doesn't always mean to have something over a person like it's hanging over their head. I for example give my wife leverage in everyday life, I will always give her a chance to convince me about something or a subject before making a decision about it. Now as a husband I have leverage in some areas do to the fact that I respect her and spoil her, making her feel so confident that she will trust me every single day.

However when it comes to business leverage it's a bit more complex as leverage in business means to have something your competition does not. For Example; you might get leverage by locking up a popular name brand that no one can sell near your business establishment or get a better advertising rate by signing a longer term contract with the advertiser. Either way by using leverage properly and responsibly you can get a whole lot more control to achieve goals.